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Selected Business in Vancouver
newspaper clippings


Grey Area: B.C. seniors lost in care homes chasm
Part 1 of the joint BIV-CBC, multimedia investigative feature on the challenging state of seniors care in B.C.

Grey Area: Plan to improve B.C. seniors care unclear
Part 2 of the joint BIV-CBC, multimedia investigative feature on the challenging state of seniors care in B.C.

Devaluing retirement dreams
Part 1 of my investigative piece on the state of private-sector pensions in B.C. and Canada

Seeking wins from retirement losses
Part 2 of my investigative piece on the state of private-sector pensions in B.C. and Canada

Credit card bill battle on
Investigation into credit card fees and their impact on retailers and consumers

Bank jobs
Investigation into B.C.'s status as bank robbery capital of North America.

Executive market bets paying off thus far in 2012 for boardroom stock sellers
Investigative piece on the profits B.C. public company executives have raked in in the first half of 2012 through their insider stock trades.

Corruption and bribery risks rise for Canadian firms working abroad
Story on the global growth in corruption issues in a slow economy

Global corporate tax dollar grab intensifies
Story on policy changes happening around the world to increase corporate tax income

Hedge funds: good for investors, not so good for CEOs
Investigative feature on the impact of hedge funds on some of B.C.'s largest companies.

Chasing viticultural success in China's gateway city (PDF)
Story of a Vancouver entrepreneur pioneering local wine production in Hong Kong with the founding of 8th Estate Winery.

BIV's 2009 Newsmaker of the Year: The HST - Hated and headed for a cash register near you (PDF)
An indepth feature story published in December 2009 on the impact of the HST on B.C.'s business community.


Yuen Pau Woo: Asian equations
Profile of the president of the Asia Pacific Foundation

Joanne Gassman: Bank role
Profile of BMO's senior vice-president for B.C. and the Yukon

David Mullen: Capital gains
Profile of a local financier formerly with HSBC Bank Canada

Rowland Kelly : Central role
Profile of retiring CFO of Central 1 Credit Union


B.C. homeowners benefiting from eurozone crisis
Story on the positive impact of the Eurozone debt crisis for Canadian home owners

U.S. election results could make for bleak Christmas in B.C.
Story early on in 2012 on the impact of the U.S. "fiscal cliff" brought on by political deadlock in the U.S.

Global economy will remain perilous for years, advisers warn
Story on the long-term challenges facing the global economy even if the U.S. recovers

B.C. steadily losing its immigrant edge
Story on the significant shift in immigration patterns that will affect B.C.'s economy longer term.

B.C. population exodus continues to flow east
Story on the exodus of B.C. residents to Alberta

Going global for growth
Story on the business growth trends in B.C. for the province's fastest growing companies

Delays in making judicial appointments threatening the quality of justice in B.C.
Legal story on the challenging state of B.C.'s legal system.

Canada’s disability savings plan market remains largely untapped
Follow story on the take up of the world's first registered savings plan for people with disabilities.

Richmond, we have a problem (PDF)
Feature news story providing a tick-tock of how Richmond's Macdonald, Dettwiler and Associates helped NASA save the International Space Station.

This paper trails leads to big money (PDF)
Front page business story about a North Vancouver entrepreneur who now produces the paper for the Swiss Franc, the Euro and passports for countries around the world.

B.C. credit unions weigh positives and negatives of national ambitions (PDF)
Finance story on the pros and cons for credit unions who want to become federal cooperative banks in Canada.

B.C. spawns world's first savings plan for people with disabilities (PDF)
Feature finance story about the impact of the new Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) for families and the economy.

Doing a deal is a hormonal affair (PDF)
Finance story on a UBC study that found that testosterone levels of deal makers and corporate executives make a measurable impact on the purchase and sale of companies.

Local investment firms vying for piece of millionaire club pie (PDF)
Finance story on the growth in the number of millionaires in B.C. and Alberta over the next decade.

Selected Vancouver Sun
newspaper clippings

Descent into Horror: Gunfire, looting stall B.C. rescuers (PDF)
Sept.2, 2005 A1 story in The Vancouver Sun about Vancouver's Urban Search and Rescue Team in Louisiana.

Truck strike will damage business, says port official (PDF)
June 27, 2005 A1 story in The Vancouver Sun reporting the start of the truckers strike affecting the region's ports. This was the first story in The Vancouver Sun on the truck strike.

Vernon mayor quits after padding expenses (PDF)
July 12, 2005 A1 story in The Vancouver Sun reporting the resignation of Vernon's mayor after he admitted to lying about his expenses.

Cold, wet spring adds up to big blueberry losses (PDF)
August 24, 2005 front page story in BusinessBC on this year's smaller crop costing the industry up to $20 million in financial losses.

West Van residents pack public hearing (PDF)
July 19, 2005 Westcoast News front page story about a controversial development in West Vancouver that divided the community. Hundreds of residents packed each public hearing on proposed bylaw changes that would have allowed 500 new townhomes above Park Royal Mall, near the Lionsgate Bridge.

Young fans already dredding the end of Harry Potter (PDF)
July 18, 2005 page A5 story about local reaction to the release of the latest Harry Potter book.

20 teens swarm Richmond man (PDF)
March 25, 2005 Westcoast News front page story about the latest incident of teen swarming in Richmond after previous cases of teen swarming throughout the Lower Mainland.

Leaders fall short of knockout, [post-debate] poll says (PDF)
May 4, 2005 page A3 story reporting results of a post-leaders' debate poll. Story involved one of the tightest deadlines I experienced at The Vancouver Sun having around 20 minutes to write the story before deadline.

Sex trade recruiters spark fear at school, principal says (PDF)
May 30, 2005 Westcoast News front page story about pimps and drug dealers luring away First Nations girls off school grounds.

First tickets issued to panhandlers (PDF)
April 6, 2005 Westcoast News front page story on the first tickets handed out in Vancouver under the new Safe Streets Act.

Overflow crowd jams Wal-Mart hearing (PDF)
June 21, 2005 article on a Vancouver city public hearing on whether to allow development of a Wal-Mart store in south Vancouver.


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